4th of July Foot and Ankle Injuries You Haven’t Thought About

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Jul 4, 2015 9:00:00 AM

american_flag_sneakersEveryone loves a good picnic, day at the beach, or fireworks display to honor our nation on Independence Day. When you think of 4th of July celebrations, foot and ankle injuries probably aren’t what immediately come to mind; however preventing them should be something you’re aware of as you put on your red, white, and blue and prepare for a fun, safe holiday.

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6 Must-Know 4th of July Safety Tips

3. Firework Mishaps

Gillespie’s advice is, if you’re not a trained professional, you shouldn’t be shooting off fireworks. “That said, I realize people will do so on the Fourth,” she explains. “However, we do see an uptick in injuries that day.”

Whether your fireworks stay on the ground or rise into the air, you have to be careful. Gillespie says to toss out any fireworks that do not work the first time you light them, and make sure you’re not sending them up near dry grass or while wearing loose clothing. “Sparklers, too,” says Gillespie. “Many people think that sparklers are safe, but they’re not. They can reach up to 2,000 degrees (Fahrenheit).” Keep them away from small children, and be careful where you wave these fun Fourth of July standbys.

4. Foot Injuries

At picnics during the summertime, kids often kick off their shoes and run barefoot while playing, leaving them prone to injury. “There’s always a chance that kids will step on glass, a rock, or something else sharp hidden in the grass,” Gillespie says. “Make sure kids are wearing the appropriate footwear, especially for the littlest feet.” A stable tennis shoe with a firm sole should prevent ankle twists and cuts.

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The most common foot and ankle injuries to watch out for on the 4th of July are:

  • Sunburn on top of the feet if you’re spending an extended amount of time outside
  • Twisted ankles, especially when kids are running, jumping and playing
  • Open wounds, such as stubbed toes or cuts if you’re walking around barefoot outside
  • General foot pain by wearing improper shoes for the activity you’re not used to doing (hiking, swimming, etc.)

Protecting your general well-being with these safety tips, as well preventing foot and ankle injuries, will ensure you have an enjoyable 4th of July. Make it even more fun by setting up this flag foot craft for the kids to do!

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