7 Best Kept Secrets from a New York Podiatrist

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Oct 21, 2014 9:00:00 AM

secrets from a New York podiatristDo you ever have the feeling that your doctor isn’t telling you something? Not because they are trying to be sheisty, but more like because they don’t want to worry you. Or maybe they just don’t want to come off as a complete fanatic and scare you away with their excitement about the amazing things happening in their industry. We want you to know about what you really should be doing to help your foot problems, the innovative treatments for foot pain available today, and when you should visit a foot doctor. Learn a few of the best kept secrets in podiatry from a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare.

1.  Topical treatments for toenail fungus don’t really work

If you’re trying to get rid of toenail fungus you’ve probably exposed your toes to all kinds of strange at-home treatments, over-the-counter creams, polishes, lacquers and maybe even oral pills. But let me guess – nothing seems to get rid of it, or the fungus has come back? That’s because all of those treatments won’t kill the fungus completely. But guess what does? Check out toenail fungus laser treatment here.

2.  Pedicures really do pose a risk

Sure, pampering your feet is one of your favorite things to do and a great way to relax. But you can’t ignore any longer that getting pedicures makes you more susceptible to getting infections, especially if you have a small cut you don’t know about. The best solution? Give yourself a pedicure, but if that’s not realistic at least go to a salon you trust and verify it is using sterilized tools – or just bring your own.

3.  You can wear high heels

Sometimes…you can wear high heels sometimes. Please don’t wear them all the time ladies, because they are not good for your feet! Along with aggravating problems like bunions and hammertoes, they just make your feet hurt and end up causing problems in other areas of your body – like balance, posture, and strain – because they don’t offer you good support. Take the advice of a New York podiatrist: don’t wear high heels all the time and if you are experiencing foot pain stop wearing them!

4.  There’s something better than orthotics

Over-the-counter and custom orthotics are shoe inserts designed to give your foot more support and help manage a variety of foot problems. Over-the-counter orthotics use a one-size-fits-all kind of mentality. Custom orthotics are made specifically for your individual foot structure. However, in both cases they only help manage the pain caused by your foot problems. There is now a treatment available called HyProCure® that is a much better option. Learn why it’s a great alternative to orthotics here.

5.  Foot surgery can be done by making a pinprick incision

It’s a type of outpatient surgery that uses a minimally invasive technique. This means the procedure is done by making a very small incision using small instruments similar to what a jeweler would use. Other benefits include less bleeding, minimal scarring, and significantly less trauma than traditional surgery. It causes less damage to surrounding tissue and has a quicker recovery time.

6.  Washing your feet can do wonders

This should be a no-brainer – who wants to have stinky feet? But besides that washing your feet with soap and water daily can protect you against toenail fungus and other infections. While you’re at it, give your feet a good inspection once in a while too, just to make sure there isn’t anything out-of-the-ordinary that needs further attention.

7.  Try at-home treatments first

If you stub your toe or exhaust your feet from walking around town all day, put a Band-Aid on and put your feet up. If you’re experiencing pain, try an ice pack or a good foot soak. But, if you’re experiencing chronic foot pain that just won’t go away, it’s time to contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare. We can help you by managing the pain right away and then figuring out the problems and recommending your best options.

We’re happy to let you in on a few secrets of podiatry. At Adler Footcare we believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatments.

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