7 Ways to Avoid Foot Problems

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jul 8, 2014 9:00:00 AM

487393913People generally want to avoid anything bad happening to them. Foot problems are no different. We rely on our feet every step we take day in and day out. Sure, we like to come home and put our feet up at the end of the day, but we’d like to keep walking through life without foot problems. Continue reading for ways to do just that.

1.  Don’t go barefoot in public places

Going barefoot in places, like locker rooms or public swimming pools, can make you more susceptible to getting toenail fungus. They are prime breeding grounds for nail fungus because it likes to grow in warm, damp environments. Avoid this foot problem by wearing flip-flops when walking around the locker room or water shoes when swimming in community pools.

2.  Don’t wear shoes that hurt your feet

This goes for your everyday shoes, work shoes, athletic shoes, and night-out-on-the-town shoes. Your shoes need to give your feet the proper support and not force or squish them into any awkward positions. If you have specific foot problems like bunions, hammertoes, or flat feet, then you need the proper shoes to accommodate these issues. One of the worse things you can do is continue to wear shoes that are causing your foot pain, because it will only get worse.

3.  Don’t get a pedicure at a sketchy place

Sure, it feels good to get pampered with a foot bath, scrub and massage, but sometimes a pedicure can cause more problems than it’s worth. When you get a pedicure observe your surroundings to see what kind of place you’re in. Does it look clean? Ask the nail technician if they clean the foot bath after each customer, and if they sterilize their tools. If you really want to be on the safe side, bring in your own pedicure tools for them to use. If you get a pedicure at a dirty place by someone with dirty tools, you put yourself at risk for bacterial infections, ingrown toenails, and toenail fungus.

4.  Don’t rely on a quick fix

Time, money and denial are all reasons why you might just want a quick fix for your foot problems and avoid spending the extra resources to get help. For example, buying over-the-counter shoe inserts to help with over-pronation (your feet rolling toward each other as you walk) when running or to give you more support, when custom orthotics would actually be worth your time and money because they would be designed for your specific foot and the issues you’re having. Also, trying silly, at home cures for toenail fungus – like soaking your feet in vinegar or mouth wash – that may seem like it gets rid of it completely, only to have it appear again a few months later.

5.  Don’t be afraid

One of the biggest reasons people don’t get treatment for their foot problems is they are afraid of what the podiatrist is going to tell them or the treatment they will recommend. There are some quick, effective, and nearly pain-free treatments available this day and age that people just aren’t aware of. The fear is usually far worse than anything the podiatrist will recommend.

6.  Don’t live an unhealthy lifestyle

Any excessive weight gain, failure to address your diabetes, or not practicing proper hygiene, all affect your feet. Weight gain causes more pressure to be placed on your feet each time you take a step and can lead to other issues in your body. Many people who are diabetic suffer from neuropathy in their feet. If you don’t wash your feet daily, wear down your corns and calluses, or keep your feet moisturized, they will just start to look and feel bad. A healthy lifestyle means healthy feet and vice versa.

7.  Don’t ignore your foot pain

Anytime you are experiencing chronic foot pain you should not ignore it. Your feet are telling you that something is wrong. Listen, because it will just get worse and end up causing you more problems. In most cases, when foot problems causing pain are caught early, they can be easily treated.

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