A New York Podiatrist Explains Why You Don’t Have to Put Up With Foot Pain

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Apr 15, 2014 9:00:00 AM

drAwithlaura_optMany people who are experiencing foot pain don’t get treatment because they are terrified of what that might involve. Dr. Adler was recently featured on 77 WABC on the popular New York talk show “Living Better with Laura Smith,” where he discussed foot problems causing the pain. We’ve included some highlights of the interview below so you have the opportunity to hear about treating foot pain at Adler Footcare through Dr. Adler’s very own words. This is the first of a 4-part series.


Excerpt from “Living Better with Laura Smith” on 77 WABC:


LAURA: Dr. Adler is on the cutting edge of foot surgery. Tell us about Adler Footcare in New York.


DR. ADLER: Most people neglect their feet and think their feet are supposed to work and that [foot pain] is just a sign of getting older. And it’s not! People put up with pain in their feet that they wouldn’t put up with anywhere else in their body. If anybody had pain like that in their head they would be at a doctor in two seconds, but people put up with the foot pain because they don’t know what modern podiatry can do to treat them. We try to have the best of everything that podiatry offers at our offices.


LAURA: People ignore pain in their feet – that’s interesting to me because we walk all day. It would seem that if people are experiencing pain that would be the first sign they would go get it checked. What is some of the reticence of people going to get it checked out? Do they think they’re not going to get help or do they think they’re being a sissy if they’re talking about pain in their feet or a bunion or something like that? Why wouldn’t people seek help sooner?


DR. ADLER: That’s part of it. The word on the street is that anything having to do with foot treatment hurts like hell and in a lot of ways it’s not wrong, but not when you do it with the proper doctors and proper techniques. Basically, we believe foot problems can be solved by minimally invasive techniques What that basically means is that any structural problem you have with the foot – bunion, curly toe, a hammertoe that produces a corn, a dropped metatarsal – all those things that traditional surgeons would put you in the hospital for and do a large incision on the top of the foot, inside the foot, stitches, pins, screws; instead all that stuff is done by us through pinprick openings. We don’t even use a stitch.


LAURA: What are the most common problems people get with their feet? Are most of them age related or are they due to poor shoe choice, being on your feet too long, etc.?


DR. ADLER: Most common problem we see mostly having to do with pain are bunions, which are growths of bone on the side of the big toe. It also affects the big toe joint. Also, dropped metatarsals which are the long bone in the foot that cause pain in the ball of the foot and they callus. People also get a pinched nerve from that and that’s called a neuroma. The other thing is hammertoes which is a curly toe that is not bearing weight in the ground properly and pushes against the bottom of the shoe.


LAURA: But tell me why these happen? What are people doing that’s creating these or is it something that’s genetic and they can’t control it?


DR. ADLER: As I tell patients, it gives us something else we can blame our parents for! Most of these things are genetic. They’re not caused by shoes. Shoes can make these things bad or worse, but heredity affects the way we walk. The foot is the only area of the body that bears all the body’s weight. Bones grow as a response to stress.


LAURA: Are any of these problems just due to poor choices people are making, like standing on your feet too long?


DR. ADLER: Sure, just like baseball pitchers only have a certain number of throws in their shoulders we only have a certain amount of walking we can do on our feet. The more time we spend on them bearing weight improperly the worse the pain gets. That’s the whole trick – if you can get the weight bearing properly you can walk forever.

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