Back to School Foot Care: Start Your Shopping Off on the Right Foot

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Aug 21, 2015 2:44:03 PM

back_to_school_shoesBack to school shopping is in full force. As you fill your cart with books, bags, binders, and all the favorite ingredients for bag lunches, there’s no doubt your kiddos will be wanting to try on the latest kicks.

Before you agree to the latest pair of neon light-up high tops, consider the following foot care tips to make sure your kids are getting comfortable shoes that won’t hurt their feet.

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Parents: Avoid kids’ foot problems with the right shoes

Before you head to the store to buy your kids shoes, follow these helpful guidelines to prevent or minimize foot problems from poorly fitting or worn out shoes.

Shoes should fit

Your child’s feet can grow up to two sizes in six months, so you need to account for growth when buying shoes. That doesn’t mean you should buy shoes that are too big—oversized shoes cause the foot to slide forward, putting excessive pressure on the toes. A good fit is about a finger's width from the end of the shoe to the tip of the big toe.

Tight shoes can cause blisters, corns and calluses on your child’s toes, blisters on the back of the heels or worse, ingrown nails, which can become infected. Signs of infection from ingrown nails include pain, redness or fluid draining from the area. If you notice any of these symptoms, schedule an appointment with a foot and ankle surgeon, who can perform a simple, safe in-office procedure to remove the nail.

Shoes wear out

Shoes lose their shock absorption over time, so inspect new and old shoes for proper cushioning and arch support. Replace any shoes with wear and tear around the edges of the sole.

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A good, supportive pair of shoes will protect your kids' feet on the playground and help them avoid foot problems that will keep them from focusing in the classroom. Getting in the habit of proper foot care at a young age will also encourage healthy feet as your kids grow up.

If your kids are suffering from common foot problems – such as heel pain, flat feet, or general foot pain, contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare for a free foot assessment. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should the treatment.

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