‘Biggest Loser’ Finalist Could Need Treatment for Foot Problems

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jan 31, 2015 3:30:00 PM

bathroom_scale_and_measuring_tapeObesity can have a profound impact on your feet, causing not only overall health problems, but lasting foot problems as well. “The Biggest Loser: Glory Days” revealed its winner and it could have easily been any one of the top three contestants. Many of the season’s contestants said in some form or another that the finale isn’t really about who lost the most, but about what everyone has gained – their lives back. Perhaps this couldn’t be any truer than for Rob Guiry, a rugby player who initially weighed in at 483 pounds, was on his way to serious health problems and possibly even death within 5 years, and had to work through some serious anger issues throughout the season. Here is a piece of Rob’s story:

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Biggest Loser: Glory Days Names Its Winner: See the Season 16 Champ’s Before-and-After Photos

"I'm wearing a 38 pants and a large, tall shirt," Guiry told Us. "I was wearing 5 XLs… It’s a totally different life." He reflected back to when he first started his stint on The Biggest Loser, and said his physical transformation is just one part of an overall personal change.

"I was at a place in my life where I was angry at myself for letting my weight get so out of control, and the only person I could blame for that was me," the rugby coach from Springfield, Mass., told Us. "Until I fixed that part of myself, I was always going to be angry. I feel like now throughout this process, I’ve done that and I can forgive myself for letting myself become so overweight. I’m a much happier, healthier person. I’m 26 years old, I have doubled my life expectancy, and I’m just ready to dominate life!"

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One thing that wasn’t mentioned about Rob’s health, was his foot health. As he walked out onto the stage to give the big reveal of his weight loss, his bow-leggedness was more evident than ever. While there are many different health conditions that can cause bow legs in adults, in Rob’s case, being overweight was a major influencer.

[See Rob’s transformation here.]

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