Cautions from a New York Podiatrist About Fashion Forward Footwear

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Sep 27, 2013 11:53:00 AM

catwalkNew York City is still basking in the glow, glitz and glamour of Fall 2013 Fashion Week. We admit, the fashion trends for feet are nothing short of spectacular and will even leave the person with no fashion sense at all with an appreciation for footwear fashion.

If you’re a fashionista then you already know that the types of shoes that graced the runway were ankle strap heels, studded pumps, menswear-inspired animal print loafers, and riding style boots. While the fashion world may be telling you to wear these jaw dropping shoes, they are cringe-worthy trends for a New York podiatrist because of the potential risks they cause for your feet. Here are some things to keep in mind when slipping into your next pair of fashion forward footwear.


Ankle Strap Heels


You might wear a pair of ankle strap heels because they can dress up any outfit to get you ready for a night out on the town and help your legs look miles longer. What problem does a New York podiatrist see with this? They don’t provide very good support which can end up causing you severe foot pain and even back pain. They also have a tall, thin heel on most styles that can throw of your balance causing you to twist your ankle and fall. When you’re walking in a crowd of people, laughing and having a good time with friends after having a drink or two, this could cause more harm than good.


Studded Pumps


Silver studded pointed pumps are showing up in a variety of colors this fall and are all the rage. The problem is the pump itself. Pumps that are pointed require you to squish your toes in so they hardly have any room to move at the end of the shoe. This could aggravate your bunions if you have them because it forces the continued realignment of the big toe. It can also cause you to have hammertoes because the narrow end of the pump pushes your toes into a bent position resembling a hammer. 


Animal Print Loafers


Loafers are a great shoe to quickly slip on when you want to feel stylish, yet comfortable. However, the aspect a New York podiatrist doesn’t like about these is how flat they are. Some loafers can lack the support that is needed for your feet. A lack of support can weaken your arches by causing more pressure and extra wear and tear. When this happens your joints have to compensate, leading to strained, aching feet.


Riding Boots


Boots like this generally offer good support (as opposed to the tall, leather, high heel boots that go up to your thighs and take an hour just to get on and off) it’s the environment they create for your feet that you want to pay attention too. Boots don’t let your feet breathe and can often cause corns and calluses with excessive wear. If you allow your feet to constantly be in a warm, moist environment you increase your chances of the growth of toenail fungus if you were previously exposed to it. Corns and calluses can be avoided by rotating your footwear so the weight on your feet is distributed in different ways.


At Adler Footcare, we definitely still want you to feel attractive and be on trend. We just want to make sure you take the proper cautions when wearing fall’s latest fashion footwear. If you have any foot concerns don’t hesitate to contact a New York podiatrist at Alder Footcare. We may not necessarily be fashionistas, but we care about how your feet look and feel.


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