3 Reasons Why Custom Orthotics Get a Thumbs Up

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Mar 18, 2014 8:00:00 AM

thumbs upFor many men and women who have reached middle age there is a tendency to notice some growing issues that were unnoticeable before, such as sporadic foot pain or foot related issues. This can be even more problematic if you lead a very active lifestyle and participate in sport activities like jogging or tennis.

If you fit into this category there is no need to worry because there is a solution and it can be as simple as getting fitted with custom orthotics. You might be thinking, “why go the custom route when there are plenty of over-the-counter options that may do the job?”

Well, the word “may” is not the type of guarantee that you want to base the health of your feet on. The over-the-counter options may offer you temporary relief but unfortunately the problem most often will crop up again and again.  This is especially an issue of concern if your foot problems grow even more severe because you took only temporary measures in the first place.

1.  Custom Fitting is More Effective

The growing pain and discomfort you feel in your feet might lead you to try corrective orthotics, but skip the hassle at the drug store and instead try custom orthotics – they actually will remedy the walking imbalances from abnormal or irregular walking patterns you are experiencing.  Instead of purchasing generic orthotics which are sized based upon general foot lengths and widths, custom orthotics are made to fit your exact foot size. This is important because when you are trying on over-the-counter options your foot is not held in place and may even tend to wobble back and forth. The New York podiatrists at Adler Footcare have access to a device called an F-Scan that takes a mini movie of the foot to determine how pressure is going through the bottom of the foot. This information is used to create the custom orthotics.

2.  Custom Orthotics are a Better Investment

Of course no one wants to keep throwing good money after a bad product when trying to fix a problem, but that is exactly what you would be doing in purchasing a temporary fix like over-the-counter orthotics.  Why not take the more certain pathway that leads to your foot issues being relieved and hopefully completely solved by custom orthotics that will last several years instead of just a few months like over-the-counter inserts. You’ll get a much better return on the time and money you invest and work hard for.

3.  Helps Target and Correct Medical Problems

If you have a physical foot issue like a bunion, hammertoe, or flat feet; or regularly have pain from your footwear, then you should definitely consider custom orthotics. Web MD even recommends that if you have a specific medical problem custom orthotics can help control the pain you are experiencing. Before you make any decisions though, it’s important to seek the medical advice of a trained New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare to help you make the best decision.

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