The Benefits of Yoga Stretches to Help Foot and Ankle Pain

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Feb 28, 2014 5:45:00 PM

Yoga PoseYoga has its roots in Eastern cultures, but is practiced often here in the United States. While you’ll sometimes hear things like “it’s only for hippies,” “you must become one with your body” or “ohhhhmmm,” it actually can have true health benefits. Traditionally yoga has focused more on the mind and soul, but as it has become more main stream it’s also starting to be recognized for the physical well-being it promotes too.

When it comes to foot and ankle pain, yoga can help with stretching the muscles in your feet and ankles. We all know the importance of stretching before and after we exercise or play sports, but often don’t take the time do actually do it. However, if we don’t, we risk injuring tendons, muscles and ligaments. Ankle sprains are probably the most common injury, and happen with the ankle rolls outward or the foot turns inward, causing ligaments to stretch too far and tear.

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Posted by: Austin Foot and Ankle Specialists

Avoiding Ankle Sprains with Yoga

Enter yoga…….this spiritual, mental, physical philosophy from the far east has a long varied history.  In the USA, it has made its way into health clubs and tends to focus primarily on the physical stretching and strengthening. Yoga Journal writers site a former trainer for the Chicago Bulls when talking about tightness around the ankle. Running in general, but especially in basketball can lead to tightness in your shins.  These activities often put more pressure on the ball of your foot.  Yoga poses focus on aligned your body and this starts with your feet.  By focusing on evenly distributing pressures throughout your foot during a pose, your force you ankles to be better aligned.  The tendons and muscles that support the sides of your ankles may be missing this challenge when running on flat surfaces.  A few minutes of yoga everyday can give them the attention they need to stay healthy and strong

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Stretching exercises like yoga can help foot and ankle pain, even when done a couple of times a week. But if you’re experience chronic foot and ankle pain it’s important to have it evaluated so you don’t risk the injury becoming worse. Contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare to schedule a consultation. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment. Namaste. 


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