Defensive About Your Bunion? Get Help from a New York Podiatrist

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jul 10, 2014 9:00:00 AM

At the park New York podiatristYou and your friend are sitting outside at the park on a warm summer day. You lie down on your stomach, cross one ankle over the other, and watch the kids playing ball nearby. As you put your head in your hands and soak up the lovely summer rays you imagine you’re on a beach far, far way listening to the waves roll in and out, until your daydream bubble is popped by the voice of your friend, Taylor.  

Taylor: “So, what’s wrong with your toe anyway?”

You: “Nothing! Why?” You immediately (albeit defensively) reply.

Taylor: “Because it’s a funny shape.”

You: “Yeah, well what’s with your ugly yellow toenails?” You quickly throw back changing the subject.

Taylor: “Don’t shift the focus here. Besides I’m getting my second round of toenail fungus laser treatment this afternoon anyway. You should come with me, because when I was waiting in the podiatrist’s office the other day, I read a pamphlet on bunions and you definitely have one.”

You: “Whatever.”

Taylor: “Seriously I think you do. I’m no New York podiatrist, but that’s definitely a bunion. You know, you might even be a candidate for bunion surgery. “

You: “For what?”

Taylor: “Bunion surgery. Doesn’t your bunion hurt?”

You: “Nah, it’s not that bad.”

Taylor: “You’re lying.”

You: “So?”

Taylor: “So…wouldn’t you rather NOT have foot pain?”

You: “It just comes and goes and doesn’t ever really hurt enough for me to actually think about having it looked at by your so-called New York podiatrist. Why do you care anyway?”

Taylor: “Well, because I was reading that if you ignore it for too long, it will only get worse and cause you more problems and more pain.”

You: “Maybe it will just go away on its own.”

Taylor: “I doubt it because bunions are hereditary. The only way to get rid of them completely is with bunion surgery.”

You: Well, aren’t you a know-it-all. Really I’m fine.”

Taylor: “You weren’t fine last weekend when you were wearing your high heels and limping out of the restaurant.”

You: “They were too tight…in the toes.”

Taylor: “Well yeah, because you have a bunion protruding out. It rubs on the shoes and causes friction. You know, I’m just trying to help.”

You: “Fine, I’ll go with you to your appointment, and at least read the pamphlet about bunion surgery. But I’m not thrilled about the thought of my toe being torn open and not being able to use my foot for awhile.”

Taylor: “I think I read something about less trauma to the foot, but we can ask while we’re there. And you can see how cool the laser treatment is and meet my New York podiatrist!”

You: “If it will help you lay off my bunion!”

You try to go back to your daydream, but can only think about feet in the sand for some reason.

Contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare for a free consultation. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment. For information about bunion surgery, download our free offer below.

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