Discover the Foot Treatment That May Replace Back Pain Relief Products

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Oct 20, 2015 9:00:00 AM

woman_icing_upper_back_musclesYou toss and turn at night trying to find the right sleeping position. You feel stiff standing straight up when you get out of bed in the morning. The kink in your back nags at you all day while sitting at your desk. Your toddler wants a piggyback ride, but that’s out of the question. As you bend over to pick that toy up off the ground you feel a pop and a pull.

You can’t keep living with this chronic pain. You need back pain relief products and you need them now. While there are some quick and easy options to try to manage the pain, there’s another way to help your back pain and you may be surprised to know it involves a foot treatment.

Managing Your Back Pain

The following back pain relief products will help you manage the pain, but don’t get to the root problem.

  • Cold Compress – This is good to use when you begin to feel pain. The cold reduces swelling caused by inflamed tissue. Applying cold several times a day for about 10 minutes each time will help. Avoid applying heat until approximately three days after you first feel pain, otherwise the heat can increase inflammation if applied too soon.

  • Pain Relievers – Over-the-counter pain relievers such as NSAIDS (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) or acetaminophen inhibit chemical pathways in the body that can produce pain; however they only provide relief from the symptoms.

  • Stretching & Exercise – spending 10 to 15 minutes a day doing some basic stretching exercises can help strengthen your back and supporting muscles. Exercises like walking, biking, water aerobics and other low-impact activities can help with stiffness felt in your back.

  • New Mattress or Pillow – there are many back pain relief products on the market that come in various shapes of pillows and different degrees of mattress firmness, claiming to solve all your back pain problems. People who suffer from chronic back pain often do find relief by finding a pillow or mattress that offers more support, but it’s usually not that easy of a fix.

  • Professional treatment – a good deep tissue massage and a chiropractic treatment can work wonders when your backache persists. A chiropractic treatment helps improve spinal alignment. A misaligned spine can cause muscle tension and chronic pain.

But there is another kind of alignment that could be causing your back pain: foot misalignment.

Alleviating Your Back Pain

Foot misalignment is caused by the ankle bone slipping off the heel bone, leading to an excessive inward rotation of the ankle and outward rotation of the foot – also known as over pronation. Approximately 45% of the American population has misaligned feet, but most people don’t realize it.

What does this have to do with back pain? When your feet are misaligned it causes a chain reaction throughout the body. Your knees and hips turn inward, tilting the pelvis and ultimately causing the spine to become curved and put pressure in places where it shouldn’t be. When this happens, it causes back pain.

Treating foot misalignment

There is a procedure called HyProCure® that places a small titanium stent into the naturally occurring space between the ankle bone and heel bone to keep the ankle from rolling off the heel, correcting the excessive inward rotation and realigning the feet.

Benefits of HyProCure® include:

  • Uses a minimally invasive technique, meaning it’s done by making a very small incision so there is little to no scarring as you heal.
  • No bone screwing or drilling involved in the placement of the stent; the stent sits securely in soft-tissue.
  • Performed in an outpatient setting so no hospital stay.
  • Patients are typically under twilight sleep or local sedation and experience no pain during the procedure.
  • You’ll leave the office in a walking boot and be walking in your own shoes within 3 to 5 days.
  • Rarely does the device ever need to be removed because the threading around the stent allows the soft tissue within the space to adhere to the device naturally.
  • Little to no post-op pain following the stent placement.

Back pain can be an issue whether working, exercising or relaxing, so don’t let it go untreated. Back pain relief products like over-the-counter pain meds, a new mattress, or stretching will help manage the pain, but unless you correct the root problem – misaligned feet – it will continue to be an issue.

If you’re visiting or living in the New York area, contact a podiatrist in NYC at Adler Footcare to find out if you’re a candidate for HyProCure®.

Adler Footcare is classified as a Center of Excellence for HyProCure® implantation, by the Graham International Implant Institute, because of the safety, expertise and experience offered to patients. At Adler Footcare we believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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