Foot Care Tips for Summer Pedicures to Relax and Revive

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jun 8, 2014 3:00:00 PM

pedicures_-_foot_careSummer is the season for pedicures, and rightfully so after your feet have endured a few months of hibernating in socks and closed-toed shoes. It's time to think about your foot health and enjoy a little rest and relaxation by giving yourself the special treatment – a pedicure. It’s good for the feet and the soul!


Women will jump for joy at any excuse to get a pedicure, while men may not give them a second thought. That’s okay guys, we won’t say another word about you going into a salon and getting a pedi, but no one will know if you give yourself a little pampering at home.

While pedicures do feel good, they aren’t so much about relaxation and pretty pink nail polish as they are about foot care. They can help get rid of dead skin, moisturize, trim up your toenails, prevent pesty corns and calluses, and give you a burst of energy. However, there are some important tips to keep in mind whether you’re getting a pedicure in a salon or giving one to yourself or someone else in your home.

We found these 25 tips to share with you:

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The 25 Best Pedicure Tips Ever

Tips for Salon Pedicures

  1.  Schedule a pedicure in the morning when fewer people have used the salon’s footbath or make sure you find a salon that cleans their footbath thoroughly between customers.
  2.  Bring your own pedicure tools to the salon to ensure you don’t get toenail fungus or bacterial infection.
  3.  If you have sensitive diabetic feet inform the salon at the time you make your appointment. Ask about sterilization procedures, the temperature of the water during foot soaks, and if any of the salon’s pedicurists have experience working with diabetic feet.
  4.  If you are diabetic and feel uncertain of the salon’s ability to take proper safety precautions trust your instincts and try a different salon. Remember that pedicures can be an invaluable component of diabetic foot care, but only when performed by a knowledgeable professional.

    Tips for Home Pedicures
  5.  Begin by completely removing any residual nail polish from your last pedicure.
  6.  Soak your feet prior to exfoliating and trimming your toenails to soften the skin and enamel. Add a little milk to the water so that its lactic acid can loosen any dead skin. 5 minutes is usually a good rule of thumb for how long to soak your feet, but the more cracked and callused your feet are the longer they will need to soak.
  7.  Use a pumice to gentle smooth away calluses and rough skin patches. We recommend the Personal Pumi Bar because it is gentler on sensitive feet than a pumice stone or steel callus file.
  8.  After exfoliating, dry feet thoroughly, including between the toes.
  9.  Apply moisturizing foot cream being careful not to put moisturizer between your toes or you run a greater risk of getting a fungal infection such as athlete’s foot.
  10.  Cut nails straight across just above the skin to prevent ingrown toenails. Never clip the sides of your toenail and make sure your toenails don’t extend beyond your toes.


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At Adler Footcare we want to underscore the importance of taking the proper precautions when getting pedicures. While they make you look and feel great, you want to do whatever you can to avoid getting an infection. If however, you do find yourself with an infection like toenail fungus or other foot problems that may need more extensive foot care, contact us for a free evaluation below. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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