Foot Pain and Other Signs It’s Time for New Running Shoes

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Aug 23, 2014 3:00:00 PM

worn out running shoes - foot painLately, we’ve been talking a lot about running here at Adler Footcare because we’ve been following Anna Runs America. As the sponsoring podiatrist for Anna Judd – who is running across the United States in support of veterans – we understand the kind of pressure her feet are under. She has run over 3,400 miles! You can imagine how this would take a toll on her running shoes.

Running is a common form of exercise that many people enjoy doing. While it is very good for you physically and mentally, it can lead to problems causing foot pain. One thing you can do to help avoid foot problems as much as possible, is invest in a good pair of running shoes every so often. For some reason, people don’t pay attention to their running shoes like other articles of clothing. If your shirt is missing a button, you sew one on. If your pants have a hole in them, you patch them up. But if your feet are starting to hurt while you’re running, people don’t always think to replace their shoes. How do you know when to get rid of your running shoes?

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When to Toss Your Running Shoes

You will notice when the tread has worn down so it no longer gives the traction and protection you need. Even if the tread looks okay, the material used in the insole to support your midfoot may have lost its buoyancy, so it can’t protect your feet from shock or hold your arch in place as you run. You will lose some of the spring with each step, reducing your performance and possibly opening yourself up to injury. The breakdown happens more quickly the heavier you are, or if you wear only one pair instead of rotating them. The problem is, you can’t see this microscopic process, so you need some other way to measure it.

Some runners simply keep track of the miles they put on their shoes, and change them out after they reach a limit—say 200 to 500 miles, or a bit more if you only run on grass and trails. Others give them a sniff test: if they smell bad even after washing, they may need to be replaced.

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If you are experiencing foot pain while running give your shoes a good inspection to see if it’s time to replace them. While the exact time to replace shoes depends on the type of running you’re doing (long distance, trails, treadmill, etc.) and how often, doing so can help protect you against future foot problems.

When you decide to replace your shoes have your feet measured to make sure you get the right size. Also try shoe shopping in the afternoon. This is when your feet tend to swell a bit, which they will also do while you’re running. Finally, get a shoe that offers plenty of support and feels comfortable to you.

If you’re experiencing chronic foot pain while running, or as a result of other problems, contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare below. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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