Foot Pain is Not Cool: Why Teens Need to Pay Attention to Their Feet

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Sep 4, 2015 1:19:07 PM

teens_giving_piggyback_ridesMost teenagers care more about what they wear, how they look and taking care of their skin, teeth, and hair – but often overlook the importance of foot care. When it comes to their feet teens likely will go for the latest trends in footwear, even if the style causes them foot pain. This, as well as sports and the types of shoes teens are wearing, have a significant impact – not only on their feet, but their overall lifestyle as well. Learn more in the article excerpt below:

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Podiatry Group Says Teens Need Better Foot Care

Feet are still growing during the teen years. However, teens should be aware that foot pain of any kind is not normal. Whether they are dealing with blisters, athlete's foot, or ingrown toenails, caring for feet at an early age reduces the risk of complications later.

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According to the Michigan Podiatric Medical Association, one third of teenagers experience foot pain at least some of the time. Sports are the major cause of foot pain among teens. Half who have had pain say sports was the source. Three-quarters of high school students play a school or recreational sport, and of them, four in 10 have injured their feet. Two in 10 suffer from foot pain from uncomfortable shoes — girls more than boys. High heels are the most painful shoe choice. Although six in 10 teens have had a foot problem in their lives, most self-medicate or just live with the problem.

Fewer than two in 10 teens have visited a podiatrist. Teens who do see a podiatrist are more likely to care for their feet.

Keeping feet healthy can help avoid embarrassing and uncomfortable problems such as athlete’s foot, foot odor, and toenail fungus.

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The teenage years are a great time to implement a foot care routine to keep feet healthy and prevent future foot problems. However, if you’re experiencing chronic foot pain it’s important to visit a podiatrist to find out the cause and your treatment options.

What many people don’t realize is that their foot problems can be traced back to one issue: misaligned feet, which is caused by the ankle bone slipping off the heel bone, causing the ankle to excessively roll inward.

The New York podiatrists at Adler Footcare can suggest foot care tips and recommend options to help treat foot misalignment and foot pain. We offer the latest treatments in podiatry, such as the HyProCure® stent that places a small titanium stent into the naturally occurring space between the ankle and heel bone, stabilizing the ankle, correcting the misalignment, and allowing teens to play the sports they love, wear fashionable shoes that offer good support, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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