How a Fungal Nail Infection Nearly Destroyed One Girl’s Hopes & Dreams

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jul 21, 2015 9:00:00 AM

two_young_women_getting_pedicuresTiffany and her best friend Brittany love all things beauty-related. Ever since they were young girls playing dress up, they’ve dreamed of opening a salon together. They take great pride in colorfully highlighting their hair, meticulously tweezing their eyebrows, and flawlessly applying their make-up.

Every Saturday the two best friends have standing appointments at their favorite nail salon to get manis and pedis. It’s second nature for them. But this Saturday is different. As the girls take their seats in the comfortable massage chairs, place their feet in bubbling foot baths, and open the latest issues of their favorite gossip magazines, Tiffany is caught off guard as the nail tech informs her she has a fungal nail infection.

Shocked and amazed at this news, Tiffany is speechless. Brittany gasps in horror as the news sinks in. All Tiffany can manage is a small squeak out of her mouth, “How?!”

The nail tech explains that Tiffany’s nails are discolored, thick, and crusty – all signs of an infection – and that she probably didn’t notice it before because her nails are always painted the latest on-trend color. Tiffany is crushed. How can she ever be taken seriously owning a salon with ugly toenails? Her life is over! And her toenails will be so…boring.

The nail tech goes on to explain a fungal nail infection is easy to pick up, especially if she’s been walking barefoot in any public places. Tiffany suddenly has flashbacks of herself and Brittany doing Yoga, walking around the gym locker room, and tanning by the public pool. She silently scolds herself, “why oh why didn’t I wear my new flip flops?!”

As she finds her voice again, Tiffany manages to form a sentence. “Will the toenail fungus spread if I get a pedicure?” From the expression on the nail tech’s face, clearly there is no pedicure in Tiffany’s immediate future.

The nail tech goes on to explain that toenail fungus is easily spread, especially if Tiffany gets a pedicure. In fact, even though the salon cleans and sanitizes all of its tools and foot baths, Tiffany could have even contracted the fungus from another person with a nail fungal infection who got a pedicure before her. She asks, “do you want to ruin someone else’s toes?”

At this point, Tiffany actually ponders that question because she’s livid she can’t get her pedicure. Luckily, Brittany interrupts her thoughts, having already typed “treatments for fungal nail infections” into her smart phone. She tells Tiffany her treatment options are topical creams, ointments or lacquers; oral medications – which they quickly nix because of the side effects – or strange at-home remedies that just gross Tiffany out; there’s no way she’s soaking her feet in garlic and vinegar.

The nail tech recommends Tiffany visit a podiatrist to learn what her best treatment option will be. Right then and there Brittany schedules a consultation with a New York podiatrist.

One week later…

Tiffany is relieved to learn that she won’t have to try topical, oral, or at-home treatments that can take months to show any sign of improvement, and usually don’t get rid of the fungal nail infection at all. Instead, she’s already scheduled her appointment for toenail fungus laser treatment that works by shining a laser light beam onto the infected nail, penetrating through the surface, and actually killing the pathogens embedded in the nail causing the fungus.

The laser treatment is fast – requiring only three 30-minute outpatient visits; safe – involving no blood, bandaging, or anesthesia; and patients have reported minimal to no pain and zero side effects. Tiffany is most relieved to know that positive results can be seen as soon as the new nail begins to grow out. Once she has her new nail, she can once again join Brittany getting their weekly pedicures.

In addition to enjoying their best-friend pampering time, both Tiffany and Brittany have committed to taking the proper preventative measures to protect themselves – and their future salon – against a nail fungal infection.

If you think you have a toenail fungus infection, download the free eBook below or contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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