How Flip Flop Fashion Sense Causes Your Summer Foot Pain

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Apr 12, 2014 3:00:00 PM

Can you imagine going through summer in a pair of boots? No way! When the sun is shining and the mercury begins to rise, you jump at the chance to wear your favorite summer sandals. However, if you notice you’re experiencing more foot pain during the warmer months, consider the types of shoes you’re putting on your feet. Flip flops, flats, and sandals can wreak havoc on your feet? Why? The main reason is because they don’t offer the proper support. This can start causing your feet to hurt and lead to future foot problems. Even though it’s tempting to coordinate each outfit with a different color of flip flops each day you might be helping your fashion sense and hindering your foot health.


Posted by: Jackie Middleton, Best Health Magazine

Are Your Summer Sandals Wreaking Havoc on Your Health?


The problem with flip-flops

They’re cute; they scream summer—but they’re also really tough on your feet. “With flip-flops, you’re walking on something that’s just a flat piece of rubber with no support,” says Mathews. Flip-flop fans may forget that their favourite footwear was created to be worn at the beach or pool. They weren’t designed for hours spent walking in the city. It’s the flip-flop’s no-frills design that contributes to summer’s most common foot injury, metatarsalgia. An extremely painful condition, metatarsalgia is inflammation of the ball of the foot. “To walk in flip-flops, you must grip the toe piece with your toes. While flexing your toes down, you’re driving the ball of your foot into the ground,” says Mathews. “You’re using muscles out of sequence and with no support, you get pain across the ball of the foot and in its joints—the metatarsal joints.” Left untreated, metatarsalgia can result in stress fractures of the metatarsal joints and several weeks in a cast—or worse, a complete bone fracture that requires surgery.

If you’re not experiencing foot pain and refuse to part with your flip-flops, Mathews suggests that you invest in a pair that has a stiffer sole, a bit of an arch and a rocker bottom such as the Fit Flop brand. And don’t keep wearing the same pair year after year. “The worst thing [for your feet] is to wear a pair that’s completely beaten up,” says Mathews. If you’re going to wear flip-flops and flexible shoes in the summer, buy new ones every year.”

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Foot wear like flip flops, flat shoes, and summer sandals in general can lead to aching feet. If you’re not willing to compromise your fashion sense, at least invest in a more supportive pair of summer shoes. They should have a sole that doesn’t bend too much, built-in arch support, and not be causing you consistent foot pain. You can also consider getting fitted for custom orthotics, which are shoe inserts made for your unique foot structure. If you refuse to part with your shoes they’ll at least help create more support.

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