How Your Foot Pain is Connected to Your Body Pain

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jul 18, 2015 9:00:00 AM

painful_joints_throughout_bodyWe all experience foot pain at one time or another. Usually, we don’t even give it a second thought – until it starts to plague us. You start to feel excruciating pain with every step you take. Then it creeps its way up your body. You just can’t escape. This is no way to live your life and miss out on doing things you enjoy. What causes this pain in your feet and the rest of your body, and what can be done about it?

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That Pain in Your Back Could Be Linked to Your Feet

That old song, “The leg bone’s connected to the thigh bone...The thigh bone’s connected to the hip bone…,” tells the whole story. Our bodies are like a chain, with one link–or bone–connecting at the joint to another link. Think about what would happen if the first link in the chain was out of position. The point at which it meets the next link would eventually overstress that link and adversely affect the entire chain.

That’s what happens when we have foot pain. If the normal way of walking is painful, we instinctively change our walking pattern. Say you have arthritis, and your big toe joint hurts, so you change our gait to avoid bending the joint when you walk. Changing your gait changes the mechanics of your ankle joint, eventually causing ankle pain. This change in your walking pattern can also affect the whole chain of your lower body... from the ankle, to the knee, to the hip, and then to the lower back.

When foot pain or a foot deformity causes you to change the way you walk, it changes the way the bones of all those other joints move with each other. 

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Since you’re changing the way you walk and the way your bones move together to compensate for your foot pain, it only makes sense that you have to get to the root problem to correct the issue – misaligned feet. When your feet are out of alignment, it causes the painful chain reaction in your body.

There is a remarkable treatment now available called HyProCure® that places a small titanium stent into the naturally occurring space between your ankle bone and heel bone. This keeps the ankle from rolling inward, aligning the feet and correcting the excessive rotation.

HyProCure® is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure that will have you walking in your own shoes again within 3 to 5 days, and soon you’ll experience life foot and body pain free again.

If you’d like to learn more about HyProCure®, download the free eBook below or contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare to find out if you’re a candidate. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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