Is Painful Surgery the Only Option for Your Foot Problems?

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Sep 25, 2015 3:09:18 PM

arrow_signs_pointing_to_different_directions.jpgIf you had a cavity, would you rather get the tooth filled or the tooth pulled? Most people would probably pick the first option because it causes less trauma, pain and recovery. The concept is no different when treating foot problems. If you have a bunion, would you rather be cut open and have part of the bone on your big toe removed, or a procedure that corrects the root problem by making a very small incision?

There are conservative treatments to try for many common foot problems before deciding to get surgery. For example, if you do have a bunion you can try padding, shoes with a wider toe box, or custom orthotics to help you change the way you bear weight on your feet.

Learn more in the article excerpt below and keep reading to find out what a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare recommends.

Posted by: The Wall Street Journal

Cures for Common Foot Problems, Without Surgery

As more people experience painful problems with their feet, podiatrists are recommending they consider a range of nonsurgical treatments before choosing to go under the knife.

Many patients have a misconception that most foot ailments can only be treated with surgery, experts say. Instead, depending on the severity of the problem, nearly all foot ailments can be treated without surgery, they say. Among these are bunions, plantar fasciitis, hammertoes and metatarsalgia, or pain in the ball of the foot.

Treatment techniques include ultrasound-guided injections that deliver anti-inflammatory drugs to the precise site of the pain and shock wave therapy that promotes soft-tissue healing. Some treatments, such as insoles that redistribute the pressure on the foot and physical therapy, aim to address the cause of the foot problems, which can help prevent them from recurring.

“I think people come in wanting surgery because they want a quick fix and want to be back to normal,” says Norman Turner, an orthopedic surgeon at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. “Unfortunately, in most cases surgery isn’t a quick fix because it can take just as long, or longer, to get back on your feet.”

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Most conservative treatments are used to manage the pain caused by your foot problems instead of correcting the problem itself.

When you need a better option to correct the problem and eliminate your pain our podiatrists are qualified to perform a number of foot treatments options. When it’s foot surgery, we use a minimally invasive technique, which means the procedure is performed by making a very small incision or no incision at all.

The benefits include:

  • Less trauma to the foot than traditional surgery
  • Less bleeding
  • Little to no amounts of anesthesia
  • Less pain
  • Minimal scarring

Dr. Adler is one of only 12 Professors of Minimally Invasive Foot Surgery from the Academy of Ambulatory Foot and Ankle Surgeons. Adler Footcare has a fully-accredited podiatric OR in its Midtown Manhattan office to treat your foot problems.

Many foot problems can be treated without surgery, but if they are left without treatment for too long, they will only continue to get worse.

If you’re visiting or living in the New York are, contact a qualified New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare, where you’ll experience convenience, kindness, and the best possible care for your foot problems. At Adler Footcare we believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment. 

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