Lasers & Other Technology Used to Treat Foot Problems at Adler Footcare

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

May 9, 2014 9:00:00 AM

foot_pain_xrayWhen you’re ready to step into an office to learn about treatment options for your foot pain, you want to immediately feel like you’re in the right place. It should be welcoming, provide the latest treatment technology, and most importantly, professionals who are willing to spend time with you to educate you about the process. You will find all of that and more at Adler Footcare. Learn about some of the ways we can help your foot problems in the excerpt below taken from an April 6 radio interview.

Excerpt from “Living Better with Laura Smith” on 77 WABC:


Laura: Let’s talk about how your actual place is set up. It’s a one-stop-shop basically for anybody looking for help with their feet. Everything from diagnoses to the surgery. Everything is there on your premises.

Dr. Adler: Correct. We go soup to nuts. We’re always trying to find the latest and the best technology to bring into the office. We want to make sure we make it convenient. We find out what the problem is. We start treating the pain right away. It’s extremely important because pain is debilitating and miserable. We will basically start treating your pain in a painless manner right away while we’re trying to figure out what’s wrong.

Laura: Yeah you’ve mentioned that you have these contraptions so to speak. Tell us exactly what they are again - people place their feet in them and they reduce the pain.

Dr. Adler: Yeah. There’s a lot of different aspects. We have what’s called a cutting edge laser which is also known in the trade as a MLS laser. It’s three different lasers in one. It works on a cellular level to reduce pain. It seems silly. People sit there with their sunglasses on and a light passes over the foot. They’re cynical when they first come in. It works over a period of time. After 4 treatments the pain is reduced by about 80% 

Laura: You said it’s a laser, and you can’t really feel it?

Dr. Adler: You can’t feel anything. People are there usually playing on their cell phones and they’re on the laser for about 8 minutes.

We have physical therapy modalities available in the office, on top of which is all the diagnostic equipment we have; digital x-rays, we’re obtaining one of the first ped cats, it’s a CT scan that has less radiation than an x-ray. Basically we’ll be able to take a look into the foot, slice it into sections, and you can actually see how someone’s toes look inside their shoes. It’s almost like Superman with his x-ray vision. It’s neat! And being able to see if there are any types of problems, bony blockages, tumors, things like that which are not really diagnosed by x-ray.

The Nd Yag Laser has multiple uses. In our office we mostly use it for treating fungal nails. People have come into the office with these very thickened, yellowish, discolored nails. We take a lab test to make sure it is fungus, and after two treatments within a month and using some topical creams on the area, we’re 90% effective in the first go around and 98% effective in the second go around getting rid of the fungus.

Laura: And it doesn’t come back?

Dr. Adler: No. We did a study over a two year period of time at my office on I think it was 200 patients, following them along, and we eventually cured everybody.        

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Adler Footcare has the latest technology and educated professionals to help treat your pain. Learn more about us here. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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