New York Podiatrist Dr. Adler Educates About Minimally Invasive Surgery

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

May 7, 2014 11:41:42 AM

pin_prick_foot_surgeryFoot problems are a hidden epidemic in the United States. Nobody talks about them but people suffer. The amount of time and effort that is spent trying to take care of these problems unsuccessfully is unbelievable. People have a much unhappier life because of these situations.

If you have foot problems causing you pain and have been searching for treatment options, you might be apprehensive because they sound worse than the actual foot pain. However, there is a technique called minimally invasive surgery that will not only get rid of your foot pain, but will do it quickly and without having to make a large incision on your foot. Learn more in the excerpt below taken from an April 6 interview that featured Dr. Adler on News Talk 77 WABC.


Excerpt from “Living Better with Laura Smith” on 77 WABC:


Laura: What makes you so different and what is your background?

Dr. Adler: My background is that I’m board certified in both podiatric surgery and podiatric medicine by the American Board of Specialties in Podiatry, and past vice president of that board. It’s one of the main certifying boards in podiatry. I’ve practiced podiatry for 35 years, but I’ve been around feet for a lot longer than that. My dad Merwin Adler was one of the pioneers of minimally invasive surgery.

Laura: Minimally invasive surgery? I thought that was a very recent term?

Dr. Adler: My dad started doing minimally invasive surgery sometime in the 60’s. It’s caught on. Minimally invasive surgery was done initially by podiatry but we’ve had a very bad PR department that’s buried it beneath the headlines. My dad had been doing minimally invasive surgery since the 60’s. I’m very lucky to have had him as my mentor.

Laura: Now, the minimally invasive thing, that’s news to me. I had a conversation with a friend recently who said she’d had a bunion and had it cut off a couple of years ago. She said it was the most painful horrible thing and she was in a leg cast for 6 months or something like.  I thought, “well that doesn’t sound like anything Dr. Adler is doing.”

Dr. Adler: What your friend told you is out there. There are not that many people who do minimally invasive procedures. I’m one of 12 professors of podiatric minimally invasive surgery in the country through the Academy of Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Surgery. Basically, it’s something that should be more widespread than it is, and we’re trying to educate people.

Laura: Now when you say minimally invasive you’re talking about incisions the size of pin heads. Is that true?

Dr. Adler: Yes. Some of the incisions we make we use a device that’s also used in eye surgery that makes a pinprick opening so it’s the size of an injection. Other times it’s a very tiny incision we cover up with steri strips. I haven’t used a stitch on the forefoot for years.  

Laura: Can you do minimally invasive surgery on a bunion situation?

Dr. Adler: Every day we do that in my office. Every day.

After the surgery my patients have a bandage on their foot for 3 weeks. They’re walking on it the whole time using what’s called a cam walker boot. They’re back into a wide sneaker in about 4 weeks. The discomfort post operatively is just minimal. We never use narcotics. Basically it’s super Advil we give them. You’re not setting a 4 minute mile record, but can get around and work – especially if you have a desk job. We do the procedure on a Friday and they’re back to work on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

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