New York Podiatrists Explain the Miracle of Stem Cell Treatment

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Oct 28, 2014 9:00:00 AM

miracle foot pain treatmentIf you have foot pain, live anywhere near New York City, and want the kind of foot care that comes from years of research, thousands of happy patients, and an eye on the future of foot care and pain relief, then you need to call Adler Footcare today.

Dr. Adler and his team are using the latest in ethical stem cell treatments to:

  • Speed healing twice as fast as traditional methods
  • Reduce the pain after treatment
  • Reduce post-treatment swelling

What is stem cell therapy?

Dr. Adler: Stem cell therapy is a technique where live birth stem cells are used and implanted in the foot. Stem cells turn into everything. So basically, if the damage is due to cartilage, they turn into cartilage. If the damage is due to soft tissue, they turn into soft tissue. It’s the Swiss army knife of treatments.  

Dr. Kulhan: For instance, in our specialty we will place it into a joint where the cartilage is basically worn down and irritated. We place the live birth stem cell within the joint and it helps regenerate the cartilage and helps heel tissue a lot quicker. If you put it in an area of a fracture or an ulcer, the ulcer will heal very quickly and the fracture will heal in a very short period of time.

Dr. Tievsky: Stem cells are cells that have not yet determined their role in the body. So they’re basically a blank slate. Put them in a place that has a tendon, whether it be torn or not, they’ll produce a tendon. It really helps us to recreate some damaged tissue.

How does stem cell therapy affect healing times?

Dr. Kulhan: When we’re using stem cells we see the healing occur twice as fast, the tissue regenerate twice as fast, and the swelling is minimized by using the stem cells. 

Where do the stem cells come from?

Dr. Kulhan: We use live birth stem cells which come from women that are screened and tested for any communicable diseases. The stem cells are obtained during the C-section of their birth. They’re generated from the placenta, which is the lining between the baby and the placental tissue – the lining that touches the amniotic fluid and the amniotic sack, and that’s what we use for the live birth stem cells. They are not live birth embryos so there is no controversy to using the live birth stem cells, which I’m happy about.

Dr. Tievsky: Hopefully one day we can use them to regrow organs and do bigger things than just foot surgery. But for the time being, patients that have had stem cells basically heal faster, and really they feel great after surgery.

Dr. Adler: It’s been a miraculous treatment. We’ve now been using it for 2 ½ years with tremendous results.

Stem cell therapy is used in a variety of treatments with amazing results. At Adler Footcare our New York podiatrists are committed to using the most advanced technology in treatments to care for our patients. Learn more about stem cell therapy in the free offer below.

Learn why Stem Cell Therapy is Nothing Short of Miraculous


If you live in the New York City region and your feet are in pain, please contact our office today. We’ll set up an appointment to discover your unique needs and walk through the options with you, so you can find a path to no more foot pain.

As Dr. Adler always says, feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment!

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