OMG! Texting and Walking Could Lead to Future Foot Problems

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Aug 14, 2015 12:25:45 PM

woman_texting_while_walking_in_the_streetWouldn’t it be nice if there was a separate lane on the sidewalk for those people who constantly walk and text and don’t pay attention to where they’re going? Texting has become a primary method of communicating in our daily lives. We’re all guilty of walking and texting, which tends to slow down our pace, cause us to run into something or someone, or just be completely clueless.

According to a Pedestrian Safety Survey published by Liberty Mutual Insurance, "60 percent of pedestrians do other things while they’re walking; like texting, emailing, talking on the phone, or listening to music."

The article below discusses what texting and walking may do to your walking pattern and how foot problems may be affected.

Posted by: CBS Minnesota

Study Finds People Alter Stride When They Text and Walk

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Turns out, people who walk and text at the same time may have a smaller risk of running into something than previously thought.

A new study shows people who walk and text are changing their walking pattern so their stride copes with the reduced focus and vision.

Researchers asked 30 people, ages 18 to 50, to walk around an obstacle course while trying to text.

The subjects reduced step frequency, shortened step length and increased the amount of time both feet touch the ground as they tried to keep from walking into people or objects.

A separate study shows walking and texting forces people to hunch leading to poor posture and balance.

Researchers add distracted walking can still be dangerous.

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The interesting part of this article for people who suffer from foot problems is the evidence that people are actually changing their walking pattern, also known as your gait, to compensate for the reduced focus and vision.

If texting and walking leads to you having an irregular walking pattern, then you may start to suffer from foot problems such as over-pronation, arthritis, tendonitis, damaged ligaments, or soft tissue problems. Not bearing weight properly on your feet could also lead to aggravated bunions, hammertoes, and other issues causing foot pain.

While there are many other factors involved when it comes to foot problems, it’s something to consider when walking and texting. As if the potential to get hit by a car, run into another person, or trip and fall wasn’t enough! LOL!

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