Quick and Easy Foot Care Tips for Foot Pain You Can Do Today

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Mar 24, 2015 9:00:00 AM

businesswoman_juggling_responsibilitiesDo you feel like your life starts to radically get busier when spring hits? With the new season in full effect, it’s only a matter of days before your schedule gets a little more chaotic and you feel like you’re chasing the clock, counting down the hours until summer. Since you’re trying to juggle so many responsibilities and keep all the balls in the air, here are 3 quick and easy foot care tips you can do today if you’re experiencing foot pain.

Take a time out

It might seem silly to take a break to check out your feet, but let’s put it in perspective – if your feet hurt, and you do nothing about the pain, it will only get worse. If you can’t use your feet, then whose going to do all the running around? Take 5 minutes to evaluate your feet for symptoms, both physically and mentally. If you see or feel anything out of the ordinary do something about it.

Take preventative measures

After your personal examination, pencil time in the calendar to pamper your feet. (This goes for you too, gentleman!) If you know you won’t take the time to actually trim your toenails or file the dry, cracked skin on your heels, give yourself permission to let someone else do it and schedule a pedicure. You never know – you may be preventing an ingrown toenail, toenail fungus, or Athlete’s foot by doing so.

Take a shopping trip

Between baseball practice and swim lessons, take the kids and go get some new kicks for the whole family. Sandal season is underway and odds are last season’s sandals are worn out or too small. Be sure to look for shoes that offer good arch support, have strong soles (i.e. – avoid flip flops!) and have a toe box large enough to avoid potential corns and calluses and future bunions and hammertoes.

The 3 things above are easy for you to do today to put an extra spring in your step and will help foot pain caused by external issues, but if you have chronic pain in your feet it’s most likely an internal issue, and you should be evaluated by a podiatrist.

Your argument may be that you just don’t have time for that, but it’s worth repeating that if you don’t take the time today to treat your foot pain, it will cost you much more time in the future. Stay tuned for a future blog post about the “Quick and Easy Foot Pain Treatments You Should Know About.”

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