The Emotional Backlash of Having a Bunion

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

May 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

dramatic_teenager_-_bunion_surgeryTeenagers are dramatic. Sometimes the smallest things can send them into a tizzy and be blown way out of proportion. This is something that Rosie - who happens to have a bunion and a teenage daughter – recently experienced. Find out what happens when Rosie’s daughter Megan learned that bunions could run in the family and how her mom helped put her worries at ease.

The other day Rosie’s daughter Megan came home from school in a really bad mood. Not something completely out of the ordinary, but she seemed extra upset. After Rosie lovingly gave Megan some warm cookies from the oven and a cold glass of milk, she learned what was wrong.

Megan had found out that day in her health class that bunions are hereditary and totally lost it.

Megan is quite the fashionista and is constantly raiding Rosie’s closet; however she is always complaining that there are no cute shoes to borrow because she knows her mom has bunions and can never find any shoes because the cute ones bother the bunion. Megan was going on and on about not being able to wear fashionable shoes, looking like a freak, having painful feet the rest of her life, and even worse, having to be cut open and get surgery.

Good thing Rosie had done her research.

She was able to explain to her daughter why she doesn’t have to flip out about her bunion, if she ever even gets them. Rosie explained that the muscle strengths and weaknesses that cause bunions are hereditary, but that doesn’t mean Megan will get bunions, especially if she starts taking good care of her feet now, wearing supportive shoes, and paying attention to how high heels could lead to bunion surgery and other foot problems. Megan just rolled her eyes and let out an annoyed sigh, but Rosie could tell she was listening.

Bunion surgery isn't so bad.

Rosie also explained that IF Megan did end up having bunions, and IF they became so painful that she would need to consider bunion surgery, then it wouldn’t be so bad. Had her teacher mentioned minimally invasive surgery? Because that is like a really cool technique. (At which point Megan told her mom to not try so hard to be cool). Rosie went on to explain that Megan didn’t need to freak because using a minimally invasive technique would allow the actual bunion to be corrected by making a very small incision in the foot that causes hardly any trauma to the foot. Megan would even be able to recover quickly and get back to cheerleading in no time.

That’s about the time when Megan received a call from her best friend. She nonchalantly thanked her mom for the info and headed out of the room, but not before Rosie heard her say on the phone, “I may not get bunions, and if I do, I can still get surgery and wear cute shoes.”

Well, it was a step in the right direction to educating her daughter about bunions, Rosie thought.

If you or a loved one is suffering from bunions, and the backlash you are getting from yourself or trying to help others (like a dramatic teenager) is just as painful as the bunion itself, then it’s time to contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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