The Quickest Way to Ensure a Smooth Hammertoe Surgery Recovery

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

May 26, 2015 11:54:05 AM

woman_resting_feet_on_foot_stoolYou take a deep breath in and let it out. You just walked 3 miles, which should be a piece of cake, but your feet hurt and you know it’s because of your hammertoes. You’ve noticed your toes slowly curling for years now. Sometimes they hurt, sometimes they don’t, but today they hurt badly enough that you can’t ignore the pain any longer. It’s time to consider foot surgery. What you’re most nervous about is the hammertoe surgery recovery time, and how much it will affect your daily activities.

You might think the quickest way to treat your hammertoes involves running to the store to find some better fitting footwear, wearing padding or insoles to protect the toe joint and relieve the pressure on the toes, or even doing simple exercises to stretch and strengthen the muscle. You’d be wrong because you’d only be managing the symptoms.

The key to a speedy hammertoe surgery recovery is the type of surgery you get.

Foot surgery that uses a minimally invasive technique causes significantly less trauma to the foot than traditional surgery. It’s an outpatient procedure that’s performed by making a very small incision in the bottom of the toe to straighten the joint. Patient’s leave the office in a walking boot and most are back into a closed shoe in as little as 10 days.

The total hammertoe surgery recovery time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks, during which you may need to keep your foot elevated for the first few days and may experience some stiffness, swelling and inflammation. This is easily managed at home by resting whenever you feel tired, walking a little bit each day, taking any prescribed medications, and asking for help when needed.

Post-Surgery Limitations

While you might feel like you’re ready to get back to your normal activities, your feet probably are not. There are certain activities that may be unsafe or difficult to do until you’re completely healed such as:

  • Walking for prolonged periods of time
  • Wearing regular shoes
  • Driving
  • Returning to work, especially if you have an active job or have to stand
  • Physical activity such as sports and exercising

It’s important to remember that each person is different, and hammertoe surgery recovery will depend on your specific case. Your podiatrist will be able to tell you when you can get back to your normal activities.

If you’re experiencing foot pain caused by hammertoes or other common foot problems, contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare for a free 30-minute foot assessment today. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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