Think You Have a Foot Problem? Try This Self-Examination

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jun 13, 2016 7:50:34 PM

foot_self_examinationDo your feet hurt? Have you noticed changes in your feet that are starting to cause you concern? Sometimes, foot problems are no big deal and can be easily dealt with at home with a little rest and relaxation, over-the-counter medicines, natural remedies, and a dose of good ‘ole fashioned patience. But there are problems that shouldn’t be ignored, especially if they are causing you consistent foot pain. Start with an initial self-examination using the steps in the article excerpt below:

Posted by: American Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Society

The Initial Evaluation: What Kind of Shape Are Your Feet In?

Take your shoes off and follow these simple steps for self-examination.

Skin. Check your skin for calluses, blisters or areas of irritation. Now stand next to your shoes. Are they shaped like your feet or are they causing areas of constriction that may result in calluses, blisters or irritation? Now put your hand inside your shoe. Are there seams, tacks or rough places in the shoe that correspond to the areas of irritation, calluses or blisters on your feet?

Circulation. Look at the color of your toes. Are they red, pink, purple or blue? Press down on the nail of your big toe until the color blanches. Now let go and allow the blood flow to return to your toe. The return of normal color should take 2-5 seconds in a person with average circulation.

Flexibility. How flexible are your toes? Try to pick up a marble (excellent) or a small dishtowel (good). To test your ankle flexibility, hang your heel over the edge of a stair while standing on the stair facing the stair. Now let the heel go below the level of the stair. If this causes pain, stop the test. If your heel goes below the level of the stair without causing strain in your calf, that is excellent. If there is some strain, this can be improved with flexibility exercises.

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