Tips From a New York Podiatrist: Your Feet May Be Causing Hip Pain

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jul 31, 2015 12:43:36 PM

tennis_player_feeling_hip_and_back_painYou know the feeling you get the morning after a new exercise program? You have sore muscles in places on your body you didn’t know could even get sore! Experiencing normal aches and pains in your body is one thing, and they usually go away after rest, soaking in a bath, some ibuprofen, and continued workouts.

But when you’re always feeling aches and pains in your body – especially your feet, knees hips or back – and it’s keeping you from doing the activities or sports you enjoy, it’s time to get to the root of the problem.

A common problem for athletes who play a sport like tennis, is hip pain. A New York podiatrist explains the probable cause for this, but first check out the excerpt below: 

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The Best Exercise to Relieve Hip Pain

Sciatica pain can be close to paralyzing -- a numb, tingling, or burning sensation that runs down the back of your leg, calf and the soles of your feet.

The pain comes and goes unpredictably and any physical movement is extremely painful. Playing tennis under these conditions can become almost impossible.

The good news is that in reality, you could have a tight and overused piriformis muscle, which is very common among tennis players. Luckily, it's easy to correct.

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Piriformis is the largest of the six hip muscles responsible for external rotation of the leg. If your leg is planted, the piriformis turns the body in the opposite direction, a movement that tennis players do repeatedly thousands of times.

An overused and tight piriformis muscle causes a lot of misery and pain in your sacrum, glutes, and hips. It will twist your sacrum a little bit, causing a short-leg syndrome that adds to the problem. It can also compress the sciatic nerve and as a result, causing you to experience "sciatica" pain.

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While an overused piriformis muscle could very well be the cause of your sciatica and hip pain, another possible cause is misaligned feet. When your ankle bone slips off of your heel bone, it causes you to over-pronate – an excessive inward rotation of the ankle.

When the ankle rolls inward too much it causes misalignment in the feet and a chain reaction throughout the body that affects not only the feet, but knees, hips, back, and neck.

There is an easy solution to get the feet back in alignment called HyProCure® that places a titanium stent into the naturally occurring space between the ankle bone and heel bone. It stabilizes the bones and corrects the excessive inward rotation.

HyProCure® is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure safe for children and adults that is fast, effective, and will quickly have you back in your own shoes doing what you love – like playing tennis or any other sport you enjoy.

If you’re experiencing feet and body pain and would like to know if you’re a candidate for HyProCure®, contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

Learn more about how foot misalignment causes secondary problems in your body in the free eBook available for download below.

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