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Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Dec 23, 2014 9:00:00 AM

Video Transcript:

Narrator: Your feet support your entire body. If something goes wrong with your feet, then your entire body will be affected as well. In fact, problems with your feet can cause knee pain, back pain, and even neck problems. Many of these symptoms can be traced directly back to problems with your ankle joint. Up till now, the only solutions available were invasive, painful, and ultimately had very little success. We have done our best to effectively treat the resulting symptoms: such as falling arches, bunions and misaligned feet, and often with good results. But we could never truly fix the core problem with the ankle. In the last ten years, that has been changing and with it our entire approach to how we treat foot and ankle pain. With the invention of a small revolutionary device, your ankles can be aligned and the resulting problems throughout your entire body can be corrected. And the best part, the procedure is quick, healing time is amazingly short, and patients report little or no pain. We call the treatment, HyProCure®.

Dr. Darline Kulhan: I think the most exciting thing that I have seen is that we use HyProCure®.

Dr. Jeffrey Adler: HyProCure® is a wonderful technique that uses a miraculous device engineered by my friend Dr. Michael Graham, to get implanted in the naturally occurring space just below the ankle joint; it’s called the subtalar joint.

Dr. Darline Kulhan: It’s a little spot that God made, just kind of a little canal and it just sits there and he is able to put the little stint in there and it just sits there.

Dr. Jeffrey Adler: The keystone joint controls everything; it controls ankle, it controls your legs, it controls your knee, it controls your back and your foot. This procedure, just by planting that little - we call it a screw, Dr. Graham likes to call it a stint - in that area in the soft tissue, takes and as you stand on it puts that joint back into position automatically curing the problems from the foot, with the ankle, with the knee and with the back.

Karen (patient): I had no real expectations when I came here, certainly that I wasn’t going to get a bolt stuck into the middle of my ankle. So when he first introduced this idea, I was interested but I needed to look into this so I did do a lot of research.

Natalie (patient): Well I came here today and I was overwhelmed with it, and before I knew it, it was over and it was very simple.

Marcia (patient): Just coming from out of there I am fine, I can walk on it, and I am sure I will be able to go back to work on Monday. 

Karen (patient): And we had the surgery first on one foot and then the other. Of all of the foot surgeries I have had, it was the easiest and quickest recovery.

Robin (patient): They put an orthotic in my ankle to support the recovery as well as going forward.

Martha (patient): I don’t feel pain, I am able to sleep at night without getting leg cramps. I don’t have the discomfort where I used to get it before in my legs when I was walking. It used to feel like my legs were tired and I didn’t want to move any more. Now I feel more energetic, I want to walk a lot.

walking_without_foot_painRobin (patient): That now I am walking the way that I should be as previously I was not.

Kristie (patient): I feel more stable, I feel more aligned, definitely not feeling much joint pain at all and I am glad I did it.

Karen (patient): I am a walker and when I am traveling I love to walk and I can walk from sun up to sun down and I did. So usually I would be really tired, by the second day I would have to take a day off. This time my body would get tired before my feet would. I never had a complaint about my feet.

Narrator: At Adler Footcare, we’re committed in using the most advanced technology and treatments to care for our patients. If you live in the New York City region, and your feet are in pain, then please call Dr. Adler’s office today or fill out the contact form on our website and one of our staff will contact you. We will set up an appointment to discover your unique needs and walk through the options with you so you can find a path to no more foot pain. As Dr. Adler always says:

Dr. Jeffrey Adler: Feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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