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Dec 16, 2014 9:00:00 AM

If you have foot problems causing you chronic foot pain, then minimally invasive foot surgery is a remarkable treatment offered by the New York podiatrists at Adler Footcare that you need to know about. Watch the video below or read the transcript to learn more about how minimally invasive foot surgery can get you back to experiencing life without foot pain.


Video Transcript:

Dr. Darline Kulhan: Minimally Invasive Surgery involves using a very small instrument that is actually placed in a small tiny opening in the skin and you are able to take off a little bone spur, you are able to take off a large bunion.

Dr. Jeffrey Adler: The same type of results for traditional surgery with tiny openings: no scarring, no time off of your feet, very little in the way of discomfort, and quicker healing time.

Dr. Darline Kulhan: It works very nicely, patients have very little discomfort afterwards.

Karen (patient): I never felt terribly stable on my feet. My balance was not great, it was just a whole range of issues and my feet hurt. My toes didn’t seem to cooperate with each other very well and it didn’t seem like the entire system of my feet was doing what it was supposed to do.

Robin (patient): I had severe issues with my feet, specifically bunions, on each one of them. I did not enjoy the pain and it was time that I needed to take care of it.

Kristie (patient): I came in because I was having some foot pain on my right foot and also had what I thought was a corn on one of my toes. After my consultation and after some review it turned out it ended up being a little bit more severe. Then I found out that I had bunions, I had arthritis in my toe and also hammertoes.

Karen (patient): The bunion on my right toe was redone, I had tailor bunions on both feet so those were worked on, almost every toe has had either a hammertoe issue or a scar tissue issue that was keeping it from functioning. So nearly every toe has been worked on.

Kristie (patient): Two bunionectomies, one on each foot right and left, and then after that I had to have the HyProCure® procedures, one on each foot.

Robin (patient): I didn’t have much pain at all, I was very fortunate in that respect. The surgeries themselves were very timely, they got me in and out as they said they would.

Karen (patient): Minimally invasive in the sense that there was little scarring.

happy-feet-at-adler-footcareRobin (patient): I am 12 weeks into the recovery process on my right foot, 8 weeks into recovery process on my left foot. And I am wearing shoes in meetings, wearing sneakers around the outsides of those meetings, but I am able to get into a shoe and I actually went biking this past weekend.

Karen (patient): My toes [used to] hurt a lot and they don’t any longer.

Dr. Jeffrey Adler: The biggest thing I want to try to do with people is make them feel comfortable because if they feel comfortable they’re more likely to let us know what’s going on with them and that’s important for a good diagnosis.

Kristie (patient): I feel like I have become friends with them. I know you asked me in the beginning but the staff and especially the doctors are really helpful, forthcoming with any information, very accommodating, and I really appreciate their services.

Robin (patient): I found the staff to be incredibly attentive, they got to know me.

Karen (patient): They are extremely invested in doing for you everything that can be done to get you on your feet and functioning well.

Narrator: At Adler Footcare, we’re committed in using the most advanced technology and treatments to care for our patients. If you live in the New York City region, and your feet are in pain, then please call Dr. Adler’s office today or fill out the contact form on our website and one of our staff will contact you. We will set up an appointment to discover your unique needs and walk through the options with you so you can find a path to no more foot pain. As Dr. Adler always says:

Dr. Jeffrey Adler: Feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

Narrator: Call Dr. Adler of Greater New York today.

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