What a New York Podiatrists Has to Say About Stem Cells, Warts & Bunions

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Apr 22, 2014 9:00:00 AM

foot_wartsSometimes foot problems like plantar warts and bunions start out as minor issues, but because they are left untreated they turn into major issues causing people foot pain. Dr. Adler was recently featured on the 77 WABC New York radio show “Living Better with Laura Smith” where he was asked questions about plantar warts and bunions, and a new stem cell therapy treatment that is being used to treat similar issues.


Excerpt from “Living Better with Laura Smith” on 77 WABC:


LAURA: Tell us about the controversy around the stem cell treatment that you give, but you said you can break all the worries about it.

DR. ADLER: We are the only practice in the country right now, as far as I know, that is using live birth stem cells to treat arthritis of the big toe joint. We’ve done it now for 16 months and I wish I could tell you I had a bad result so it doesn’t sound like I’m lying, but I have not.

LAURA: So you’re saying live birth stem cells, that’s where the controversy usually comes in.

DR. ADLER: There are 4 different types of stem cells. Embryonic and fetal (where the controversy comes in) and adult stem cells taken from the same person. We don’t use any of those. We use stem cells taken from the amniotic sac from C-sections. Works just as well a fetal and uterine. Stem cells can change into anything and for our purposes they are changing into bones and cartilage.

LAURA: So you said it’s used for the treatment of arthritis in the big toe – is that it?

DR. ADLER: That’s where we’re using it mostly. We’re also using it to help rebuild some of the ligaments in the ankle joint that have gotten damaged through the way people walk. We use it for Achilles tendon tears, tears of the plantar fascia ligament, people who have had injuries to toes, and bone growth. We’ve even used it to heal a gangrenous toe. That patient is now doing belly dancing. If you’re a belly dancer you have to dance barefoot, so it has to look fairly decent!

LAURA: Tell us some other things people come in for. When people talk about plantar warts and bunions, are those small things or are those actually things that can debilitate people to an extent where it affects their life greatly?

DR. ADLER: Plantar warts are warts on the bottom of the foot mostly in kids and teenagers because it’s caused by the papillo virus and you’re exposed to this by actually stepping on it in a gym setting, wet floor, that type of thing. Most times it’s benign and not an issue. There can be some situations where it gets completely out of control and grows over the whole foot. I’m seeing more and more what used to be adults developing a resistance to that virus, now I’m seeing it in adults in about 10% of the cases which is unusual. I’m not quite sure why that is.   

LAURA: And bunions. Are those genetic or caused by bad shoes?

DR. ADLER: It’s very rare that people are born with a bunion as a child. They develop over time. Bad shoes can make them worse and cause more pain, but it’s due to muscle strengths and weaknesses you inherited from your folks that affect the way you walk. Most people just think of a bunion as a bump on the outside. If that was it, it would be a very easy thing to treat. It’s not. The biggest problem with a bunion is that you start to develop problems in the big toe joint.   

LAURA: Do you lob it off, surgically remove it or do something different?

DR. ADLER: Depending on the type of bunion, most times we do it with an osteotomy, cutting the bone, and moving the bone over and removing excess bone and we inject stem cells into the big toe joint and it cures it.

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Stem cell therapy is just one of several new treatments at Adler Footcare that is seeing impressive results. If you’re experiencing foot pain contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare to recommend the best treatment option for you. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment. 

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