What is Causing the Foot Pain Keeping You Up At Night?

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

May 31, 2016 6:35:20 PM

counting_sheepIf your feet are keeping you up counting sheep because your foot pain just won’t allow you to relax, there are a number of different reasons this could be happening. Do you ever get that sudden jerk movement in your leg right before you fall into that deep sleep that startles you and ends up keeping you awake? This issue – called Restless Legs Syndrome – and others may be the culprits keeping you from getting a good night’s sleep. Learn more about them below and what your treatment options are.

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Common Causes of Foot Pain While You Sleep

Restless Legs Syndrome

Are you bothered by an overwhelming urge to move your legs when you lie down at night or do aching, tingling sensations or involuntary jerking motion in your legs and feet wake you up at night?

If so, you may have restless legs syndrome (RLS), an annoying but treatable condition. Studies estimate that as many as one in 10 people have RLS, but unfortunately, many of us live with it rather than seek treatment.

In addition, RLS is often misdiagnosed. Left untreated however, RLS can negatively impact the quality of your life and the life of your partner.

Scientists believe that RLS is caused by an imbalance of dopamine, a chemical in the body that transmits signals between the brain and nerve cells. Thought to be genetic, RLS is more common in older adults and women. Conditions such as diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, iron deficiency and kidney failure can trigger RLS. About 20 percent of women experience temporary RLS during pregnancy.

Ideas for limiting RLS include wearing compression socks or stockings, sleeping with a pillow between your legs and doing simple leg stretching exercises throughout the day.

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Foot pain should not be the reason you aren’t getting the sleep you need. It also shouldn’t be the reason you can’t participate in everyday activities or have an active lifestyle. If chronic foot pain isn’t diagnosed and treated, it will only get worse. If you have these or other issues causing you pain, visit a trusted podiatrist that can help pinpoint the cause of the pain and recommend your best option for treatment.

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