What is Stem Cell Therapy and Why is it Good for Your Feet?

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Feb 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM

couple_walking_on_beachThink about it: you spend your entire life walking around so why settle for painful steps? If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, stem cell therapy combined with other procedures could be the answer.


What is stem cell therapy? You may have heard about the use of stem cells in the news, but not know exactly what stem cell therapy is. You’re in the right place to learn a simplified explanation of the entire process as well as the benefits it has for your feet.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works


To put it simply, live birth stems cells are taken from the amniotic sack of a healthy live birth and used in conjunction with other treatments for foot pain by being injected into the exact pain points where you’re feeling pain. When we say injected we mean a minimally invasive technique is used by making a small incision the size of a pinprick. 


The amazing thing about stem cells is they have the ability to turn into anything. They have not yet settled on their reason for being in the body, so they can develop into a new ligament or tendon or cartilage – just about anything!


Examples of How Stem Cells Are Used for Foot Problems


Stem cell therapy is a very good option for runners with injuries. Some common injuries that we see runners coming in with are Achilles tendon tears, plantar fascia ligament tears, and a damaged ankle ligament in the joint.


So essentially, we would directly inject the stem cells and they would develop into the ankle ligament helping to speed up the healing process. The faster a runner’s feet heal, the quicker they can get back to their daily routine.


Plantar Fasciitis


One of the runner’s injuries we highlighted in a previous blog post is plantar fasciitis, which is an inflammation in your plantar fascia ligament. If this band of tissue connecting your heel bone to your toes does not get treated right away, it will only get worse and increase your discomfort.


In addition to foot bracing and icing the bottom of the foot, stem cell therapy will encourage the new growth of the ligament. Especially if you’re experiencing actual tears in the plantar fascia, this treatment is critical to help out this recurring condition.



Tragically, diabetics tend to suffer from chronic foot conditions that could lead to amputation. But, with stem cell therapy the issues they face – like ulcers from peripheral neuropathy – can be treated. Once they are injected into the afflicted area, the stem cells help quicken the healing process of the ulcers and prevent infection.

Other Issues


The range of issues that stem cells can help with is why the procedure is known as the “Swiss army knife of treatments.” Since stem cells haven’t yet determined their role in the body, not only do they have the amazing ability to turn into anything, but they often help speed healing after treatment twice as fast, reduce post-treatment swelling, and minimize pain after treatment.


In addition to the previous foot injuries mentioned, the stem cell therapy process applies to other areas all over the body. For example, stem cells can help out MS patients and muscular degeneration.


If you’re asking, what is stem cell therapy? we hope you now know how it can help your foot pain.


Adler Footcare of Greater New York has been using stem cell therapy for more than 4 years and has seen nothing but positive results. Science and technology have come so far and continue to help patients everywhere in the podiatry industry.


Start by taking baby steps and contact a podiatrist, NYC at Adler Footcare for a free foot assessment. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.


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