What to Do When Foot Pain Strikes When You’re Running

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Mar 4, 2016 6:25:55 PM

running_shoes_close_upIf you’re a runner, you no doubt experience foot pain from time to time. Did you know that this pain could be related to how your foot strikes the ground when you run? If you have chronic foot pain, learning more about your feet when you run will help to pinpoint the underlying cause and help you get effective treatment, which may be more than just a new pair of running shoes. Learn more in the article excerpt below.

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Here’s Why You Need to Know What Type of Runner You Are

If you're a runner and you're not familiar with the concept of foot striking — how your foot lands on the ground when you run — you should invest the time to change that. Understanding your form can help you prevent ostensible foot pain and injuries, which include strained muscles, runner's knee, and even shin splints. Below, we'll outline the three types of foot strikes so you can identify which kind you are and hopefully buy the correct footwear for your needs.

1. Over-Pronator

What it is: Pronation happens when your arch flattens on your strike. This “flat-footed” style usually causes your foot and ankle to roll inward when running, often giving you those nagging shin splints and even hip and lower-back pain.

How to check if this is you: Take a look at the soles of your current running shoes. If they are worn out on the inside of the sole, then it is likely that you are an over-pronator.

Next steps: Since over-pronation can cause pain, it's best to try and correct it through your footwear. Options include buying running shoes designed specifically for over-pronation, getting running insoles, or even getting fitted for orthotic insoles.

2. Supination

What it is: Think about supination as the exact opposite of pronation. Your ankle rolls away from the center.

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Knowing your foot strike when you run is important so that you choose the correct footwear and are aware of any potential or current injuries you have related to your foot strike. What many people – nearly 45% of the population – don’t realize they suffer from is misaligned feet. This issue is directly related to the over-pronation mentioned above. The cause of foot misalignment is your ankle bone slipping off of your heel bone, causing an excessive inward rotation of the foot known as over-pronation.

In addition to changing your running shoes or getting custom orthotics made, there is a product available to correct misaligned feet and also help eliminate other foot problems causing pain.

Using a minimally invasive technique, the HyProCure® stent is placed in the naturally occurring space between your ankle bone and heel bone to keep the ankle from excessively rolling inward. Not only does this correct over-pronation and align the feet, but it also helps other foot problems and pain felt in the knees, hips, back and neck.

If you’re interested in learning more about the HyProCure® device, contact the best New York podiatrists in NYC at Adler Footcare to find out if you’re a candidate. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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