What Will Stem Cell Treatment Be Like in 100 Years?

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Jul 17, 2015 9:00:00 AM

futuristic_cityOne-hundred years ago in 1915 there was no television, internet, or iPhones, and the world was at the beginning of The Great War. New medical technology at the time was focused around healing the wounded soldiers with developments such as “Mechanico-therapy,” developed in Germany to reduce the amount of time the vast number of wounded soldiers spent in the hospital and away from the front lines. The science of healing has come a long way in a century, and stem cell treatment for foot pain is one great example.

Today, we can stream TV shows whenever we please, look up information in real-time on a computer, and carry all of that information on a little device in our pockets.

New medical technology consists of advancements such as stem cell therapy, used for many different things. When it comes to the podiatry industry it’s being used to treat problems causing foot pain, such as Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and arthritis of the first toe joint.

Stem cells are remarkable because they have the ability to turn into anything. They have not yet determined their role in the body, so whether it’s a new bone, ligament, or tendon you need, stem cells will regenerate new bone, ligament or tendon.

Stem cell treatment uses amniotic stem cells taken from the amniotic sacs of live birth C-sections. They are not embryonic cells so there isn’t any ethical controversy using them. They are used in conjunction with other treatments and injected into the area experiencing pain using a minimally invasive technique, which refers to making a small incision or no incision at all.

Patients experience less inflammation, minimized swelling, more range of motion, and less post-operative pain. In many instances healing may occur twice as fast when stem cells are used.

One-hundred years into the future, we may be able to have a chip implanted in our brains to access anyone and anything, anywhere. We may even have hover boards and teleporters. The possibilities are endless. Medical advances like stem cell treatment may even be able to someday regenerate new organs or even bigger things.

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