Who Will You Visit if You Have Foot Problems From an Injury?

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Sep 13, 2014 3:30:00 PM

foot problems - foot doctorIf you injure your foot where are you going to go? Most people would typically go to their family doctor or the emergency room if it’s serious. But, if you have any type of issue causing your foot pain, and it’s affecting the ankle or below, you should actually visit a podiatrist, more informally known as a foot doctor. Why? Because they have specialized knowledge about this area of your feet and ankles and the latest treatment options available. Your general practitioner won’t have the expert knowledge that a podiatrist will have.

Of course you hope to avoid foot problems, but foot injuries can occur a variety of different ways. The shoes you wear can cause foot problems if they don’t offer the proper support or aggravate issues that are already present. Some foot problems, like bunions, are hereditary and can get worse over time. There are autoimmune diseases and other health issues that can cause foot pain and require you to see a podiatrist, such as Diabetes or Neuropathy. Then there is just every day wear and tear that comes from you constantly using your feet, exercising, or playing sports. Sometimes, foot injuries can occur in strange, yet painful ways like the article below suggests:

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Spare Your Toes and Avoid Lawn Mower Injuries

Just because the summer is coming to a close doesn’t mean you can stop mowing your lawn—here in Houston, lawn care is pretty much a year-round, weekly chore. Unfortunately, cutting your grass can put you at risk for serious foot injuries, including serious cuts, severed tendons, broken bones and even loss of toenails and/or toes.

If you want to avoid the pain and danger associated with lawn-mower foot injuries, follow these safety tips every time you head out to cut the grass:

  • Keep kids away whenever you’re mowing (over 9000 kids are seen each year in American ERs for lawnmower injuries.)
  • Clear the lawn of all stones, sticks and toys before getting started to minimize the risk of flying-object injuries.
  • Wear closed-toed shoes every time you mow. The more material between you and the mower’s blades, the better.
  • Only mow when the grass is dry: not only can wet grass dull your blades, it can also make you more likely to slip and encounter the mower’s sharp blades while they are in motion.
  • When mowing on a hill, use a side-to-side pattern instead of an up-and-down, to avoid slipping related accidents.
  • Keep a clip-bag on your mower to catch flying objects that may come out the sides and cause injury.

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While mowing your lawn is one way you might suffer from injuries, you never know when something is going to sneak up on you. If you do have a non-threatening foot injury, consider visiting a podiatrist because they have the expert knowledge to help with your foot and ankle problems. If you are experiencing chronic foot pain, you shouldn’t ignore it because it will only get worse and cause more problems.

If you’re looking for a foot doctor, consider contacting a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare for a free consultation. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.


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