Why You Don’t Have to Worry About Recovery After Bunion Surgery

Posted by Dr. Jeffrey L. Adler

Mar 27, 2014 1:00:00 PM

Get_WellYour alarm goes off at 5 a.m. each day. You willingly get up to go for your morning run, switching on the coffee pot as you jog out the door. Your day just wouldn’t be the same without it – the run or the coffee. You return home 45 minutes later to get ready for work. You slip on your heels, grab your briefcase, and head out to walk the few blocks to the nearest subway station.

As you take your seat you feel a slight sense of foot pain accompanied by apprehension as you are reminded of your upcoming consultation at the end of the week to find out about having bunion surgery.

Then your phone buzzes. There’s no time for worrying. You have a busy day ahead. A morning full of meetings, a business lunch, followed by an afternoon presentation, and meeting up with the planning committee at the end of the day to plan the biggest fundraiser of the year.

What are you thinking? You can’t have bunion surgery. You are too busy. There is too much going on. As you think more about it, it’s not the actual surgery you’re worried about, it’s the length of recovery after the surgery. You don’t have time for bunion surgery. You have places to go, people to see, and things to accomplish. You’ll just have to suffer through the foot pain. Oops…did you just say that out loud? Because the nice older woman next to you begins telling you about HER bunion surgery. You politely smile and nod until you catch her saying “reduced recovery time.” What? Now she has your attention. You grab your notebook to jot down the highlights:

  • Bunion surgery is an outpatient procedure. You’re never a bed patient and are in and out in one day.
  • It uses a minimally invasive approach. This means that the surgery is performed by making a very small incision, unlike traditional bunion surgery that causes unnecessary trauma to the foot.
  • It’s also painless. You’re given a long-acting anesthetic that continues to help provide relief after the first few hours of surgery.
  • Slight discomfort is experienced the first few days after the surgery. This is easily managed with icing, anti-inflammatories, or other medications.
  • You’ll be back at work behind your desk in less than a week. Your meetings can come to you if they have to.
  • You’ll be wearing closed toed shoes within a month. Your running shoes won’t have to wait long to hit the pavement, even if it’s a brisk walk.

This doesn’t sound so bad after all. Plus, your feet are killing you, and you can’t take it much longer. Something must be done. You come to your stop, thank the woman for the chat, and take a deep breath – determined to get bunion surgery to alleviate your foot pain.

At Adler Footcare we’ll sit down with you to answer any questions and help put your mind at ease about having foot surgery. Dr. Adler’s patients enjoy significantly reduced recovery times, but it’s difficult to say how long exactly because it depends on each person’s situation. While patients can definitely expect a period of rehabilitation after bunion surgery, you’ll most likely be back to regular activities in a few additional weeks, and make a full recovery anywhere from 2 to 6 months out. You will be able to walk immediately by using a wooden shoe, walking boot, or other alternatives to crutches.

If you’d like more information about bunion surgery, contact a New York podiatrist at Adler Footcare. We believe feet shouldn’t hurt and neither should their treatment.

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